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USEFUL HINTS for making use of the good old MS Netmeeting files:

Thanks to BlackDiamond’s post at TechRepublic, here is how to do it: Thanks Josh
1.Download NM30.EXE from Microsoft.com : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=26c9da7c-f778-4422-a6f4-efb8abba021e&DisplayLang=en
2.Save the executable to your computer somewhere BUT DO NOT INSTALL IT YET!!!!
3.Right click on the file and select “Properties”.
4.Click the “Compatibility” tab.
5.Put a check in “Run This Program In Compatibility Mode For:”.
6.Select Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5).
7.Click “OK”.
8.Double click the shortcut and install NOW as normal. Yeah….NetMeeting now works in Vista.
HOW TO save animated gif images from received email.
Submitted by FA

You have just received an email with lovely animated gif images and you want to save them to be used later on. If you just right mouse click on the animated image and choose SAVE AS in Microwsoft applications, you will end up saving a .bmp still image, more exactly the very first frame of the animation and not an animated gif, as .bmp is the default image extension for Windows Explorer. But that's not what you want, do you?
I could not get comfort for my problem on the web so I came up with a possible solution that I am sharing with you here below. ………. Be aware of copyright though, hahaha.

Steps to follow:

a. Click on REPLY on the menu bar, as if you were to reply to that email
b. Go to FILE and click on SAVE AS or on some computers SAVE AS A WEB PAGE
c. Change the file format at the bottom of the window to .HTML or .HTM
d. Write a name for the file you are to save and memorize it
e. Leave the destination folder at the top of the window as is, namely MyDocuments folder.
f. By saving it as HTML, your computer actually saved one HTML file into MyDocuments with the name you chose for it ( point 4 above ) plus a repository folder for the image and sound elements that are used in your html file, with exactly the same name.
g. So, got to MyDocuments folder in Windows Explorer and find the REPOSITORY FOLDER, click it open and there you have your sweet animated gif files and not just a boring still .bmp image.

Now, you can copy it onto a hard drive or your Memory Stick and use it next time either inserting it into your email or a .HTML web page.
Oh yes, unless you a have a media software like IrfanView you can only see the animation when it is implemented in a web browser or an email application ( eg. Outlook).
Good luck and enjoy!

How to get your computer's IP ADDRESS if you want to connect point to point via Netmeeting©®?

a. Go to START
b. Then to RUN
c. Type cmd
d. In the popup window type ipconfig
e. And there you can read the IP address of your Internet connected computer

If you need more information as to how to connect to another Netmeeting® for a private Conferencing session, just email me f.i.antal@iinet.net.au and I will do my best to reply as soon as I can.